Your key to aseptic success.
The Sterivalve® range provides high performance flow control for critical pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical liquid processes. Using an optimised hydrodynamic design, Sterivalve® combines the best features of a traditional piston valve with the inherent cleanliness of a flat diaphragm valve. This combination of features ensures that Sterivalve® offers the unique combination of high flow characteristics together with a proven sanitary design. Sterivalve® is made from durable materials with a robust construction, which together give a long service life under demanding conditions.

Aseptic design for optimised performance.
Sterivalve® has a unique patented design using a secure double seal configuration in which the valve diaphragm is clamped between the valve body and the actuator. All moving parts in the actuator are totally isolated from contact with the process fluid and no tools are required for disassembly or service. All materials of construction conform to FDA regulatory and GMP requirements. Both the valve housing and the piping connections are completely free draining without “deadlegs”; this arrangement ensures reliable cleaning in place (CIP) and sterilisation in place (SIP).

By specifying Sterivalve®, the total number of valves in a system may be reduced by up to 30% in comparison with traditional flat diaphragm valves. This also permits a reduction in the total hold up volume of the complete piping system.

Sterivalve® has been established and validated in a wide range of clean and sterile processes worldwide. The design of the housing, which features a low residual internal volume, ensures optimal velocity of cleaning agents during the CIP sequence. The freedraining and “open” internal structure of the valve housing also ensures safe and reproducible CIP/SIP performance; thus avoiding the risk of bacterial and endotoxin contamination, or undesirable temperature gradients. It is also possible to clean and sterilise both the inlet and outlet pathways of a Sterivalve® in the “closed” position if required. These features enable the process engineer to design an efficient pipe work system with optimised, riskfree, product flow.

Total quality concept.
The manufacturing of Sterivalve® is quality assured and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and benefits from our extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry.
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